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Road Tests

The Road Test Fee is $100.

The fee includes scheduling your road test, processing the Registry forms, and a 15 minute driving lesson before the test to practice parallel parking, backing up, three-point turns, etc. in preparation for the test.

To register please call or text us at 617-771-1020.

Road Test Application

Alternative Road Test Sponsorship Service and Disclosure Statement

Due to the backlog of applicants trying to get their licenses and the long delay to get a road test through conventional methods (i.e.) scheduling a test online or calling the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) directly, the RMV has offered Alternative Hours Road Tests to driving schools for a fee. It’s a way to arrange a road test much sooner for their clients, however, it is in a very awkward manner. For example, the RMV will only provide a tentative date with the understanding that the actual test may be 1-4 days before or 1-4 days after that tentative date or anytime in between. The RMV will only provide a one-day lead time to the actual day and time, and reserves the right to postpone the actual day if a Road Test Examiner is not available.

Our alternative road test sponsorship service includes setting up your road test and processing the application form. It also includes the accompaniment of one of our trained instructors to serve as your sponsor and the use of one of our vehicles during your test. On the day of the test, applicants are expected to be ready. There is no time before the test to practice or review.

The RMV charges $35 for each test, pass or fail. The RMV charges $50 for the actual license. Olbash School of Driving (“OSD”) charges $100 for the alternative road test service and there are absolutely no refunds by the RMV or by OSD for any reason once you sign this disclosure statement.

Terms: OSD agrees to schedule your Alternative Hours Road Test, and you agree to pay OSD $100 to schedule said road test.

Please download, print, sign and return the Alternative Road Test Sponsorship Service and Disclosure Statement.

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